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Maths Assessment Success Papers 8 - 9

Grade(s): Pre-school & Primary
Author(s): Paul Broadbent
ISBN: 9781843727903

  • This assessment series encourages pupils to work at their own levels and improve their abilities with further practice.
  • 24 papers with graded questions.
  • A wide variety of test questions that check all topics.
  • Guidance from experienced teachers on getting the best out of test practice.
  • A glossary to help with difficult words.
  • Helpful progress chart.


How to use this book

This book contains 24 assessment papers, each with 40 questions to test your child's mathematical skills and knowledge. The papers contain a mixture of number, calculation, shape, measures and data handling exercises. Most of the questions are 'closed' with single answers to help with the assessment, but where appropriate questions are set in problem-solving contexts to test your child's reasoning and thinking skills.


Topics covered in the papers test the skills and ideas studied in Primary 4and also consolidate many of the skills learnt in Primary 3. However, there are two introductory papers at the beginning of the book and two more advanced papers at the end, to encourage children to make progress. The tests become increasingly challenging, so it is a good idea to start at the beginning of the book and work through the papers in order.


The papers can be used as timed assessment tests or worked through a little at a time for regular mathematics practice. If you wish to set whole tests, allow 40 minutes for each paper.


Use the pull-out answer booklet to mark completed papers. Children can use the score boxes in the margin to make a note of their marks for each section. They then record their overall scores on the grid at the back of the book. It is a good idea to work through completed papers with your child to enable you to identify and work on any areas of weakness.


General advice

  • Use any space in the book or use separate paper to jot down any workings out.
  • Always check your answer by reading it back through to help avoid any careless errors.
  • Use the glossary to help you to learn key mathematics terms and facts.
  • Put a star next to any questions that you don't understand. At the end of the test, look back at these questions and make a note of the topics that you need to spend some time revising and re-capping.
Maths Assessment Success Papers 8 - 9 - click for a larger image

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