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Practice Papers for SQA Exams - Higher History

Grade(s): Higher
Author(s): John Kerr
ISBN: 9781843727965

The new Higher History course began in August 2010 and to support it Leckie & Leckie are delighted to publish a book of Practice Exam Papers. Higher History Practice Exam Papers contains two full sample exam papers which replicate the style, level and layout of the new exam in order to familiarise students with the new exam structure. As with the other Practice Papers titles, fully worked answers are also provided along with revision advice and exam hints and tips.

 Key Points

  • Will provide sample exam papers for both the new Paper 1 (British, European and World) and the new Paper 2 (Scotland)
  • Worked solutions will help students understand how to get to the right answer and how to maximise their marks
  • Includes revision and exam advice as well as information on the new exam structure and marking scheme
  • Highly effective for use in class or for revision at home
  • Designed to look and feel just like an SQA exam paper to mirror the exam experience
  • Choose whether to complete a whole paper or let the handy topic index allow you to focus on specific topics
  • The perfect tool for students wanting to practice exam questions and understand how to achieve the very best grade
  • Competitively priced to help stretch your budget!

TEACHERS! There is a FREE PDF version of this product for whiteboard use available to you when you purchase 20 copies of more of this book. It will simply be added to your order. It’s the perfect tool to help you make revision preparation that little bit easier …

Please note: PDF version is available for school use only


Price: £6.99

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