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Active Learning Maths Course Notes Third Level, A Curriculum for Excellence resource

Grade(s): S1-S3
Author(s): Eddie Mullan
ISBN: 9781843727361

  • Covering the third level Outcomes and Experiences for Mathematics, and focusing particularly on real life numeracy skills, Active Maths Course Notes provides teachers and pupils with a practical Curriculum for Excellence toolkit. Full of worked examples, top tips, activity ideas and highlighted links to other school subjects, Active Maths Course Notes helps pupils to develop their maths knowledge and skills with confidence.


    Key Points


    • Covers the third level Outcomes and Experiences for Mathematics
    • Emphasises skills development and gaining experience as well as consolidating knowledge
    • Demonstrates how key learning points and attendant skills can be applied to other subject areas and real life
    • Contributes to the development of the four capacities by providing rich task activities, practical assignments and real-life examples
    • Complements and supplements existing textbooks to ensure CfE objectives are met
  • Price: £8.99

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